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Supermicro SBI-7126T-SH Intel 5520 LGA1366 Processor Blade-Server VMWare Certified High Density-Server VMWare Certified DDR3, 2x GBLAN, 2x2.5 SAS, IPMI, VGA, Super B8DTP SYIB_SUPE_BS_17 $918.95 1 $918.95
Belkin F3U133B06 PRO Series - USB cable - 4 pin USB TypeA(M) - 4 pin USB Type B (M) - 6 ft CABU_BELK_F3_27 $12.95 1 $12.95
Advantech 10.4 Inch 800 x 600 5-Wire touch SVGA Open Frame Monitor IDS-3110ER-23SVA1E VGA Interface LED 230nits with Res. Backlight Life (HR) 30K IDLO_ADVA_A0_U6 $435.95 1 $435.95
Tyan B7109F77DV4HR-2T-NF, 4U Rackmount Server, 4x3.5/2.5inch SATA Internal Drive Bay, Dual Xeon Scalable Processor, Dual Socket support: 2xSocket P LGA3647/Socket F, C621 Chipset, 24xDDR4, 2x10GbE ports, 1xIPMI, 9xPCI-Ex16, VGA, 3x2000W PSU SYI4_TYAN_7A_1A $4560.95 1 $4560.95
Advantech 12 Inch 800 x 600 SVGA OpenFrame Monitor IDS-3112N-45SVA1E VGA/DVI Interface LED 450nits Backlight Life (HR) 50K IDLO_ADVA_A2_U9 $370.00 1 $370.00
IEI ECN-780W-Q67-i5-R10 Embedded system Core i5 Dual Core 2xxxT CPU(Above 2.7GHz) TDP 35W 2GB DDR3 on-board memory dual display multimedia BOX Dual GbE LAN build-in 802.11b/g/n wireless ISFB_IEIX_DI_3G $1080.00 1 $1080.00
IEI AFL-W10A-N270/R/1G-R32 10.2 Inch 1024x600, 400:1 Touchscreen, Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz 945GSE w/ 1GB RAM, Wi-Fi, 2x COM, 2x GBLAN, 2x USB 2.0, Audio, VGA, eSATA, CF Slot, AFOLUX All-In-One Touch Panel PC ISPP_IEIX_AD_AM $870.00 1 $870.00
Adata SSD AGAMMIXS70B-2T-CS XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE PCIe NVMe Gen4x4 M.2 2280 IFMS_ADAT_2A_0J $240.95 1 $240.95
IEI IMB-H610B-R10 H61 Industrial microATX Motherboard w/ Intel Core i7/i5/i3 Quad/Dual, LGA1155, DDR3, VGA, DVI, 2x GBLAN IMBA_IEIX_DI_15 $288.95 1 $288.95
Kingston SSD SKC3000S 1024G 1024G KC3000 PCIe4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD Retail IFMS_KING_2A_0J $112.95 1 $112.95
Innodisk D2SN-64GJ21AWAES 64GB InnoRobust II 2.5 Inch SATA SSD(BGA) (Industrial, W/T Grade, -40 - 85C) SLC 200 Read, 150 Write IFIS_INNO_D2_32 $1112.95 1 $1112.95
Innodisk DESIH-08GJ30AWAQS 8GB SATADOM D150QV Vertical (Industrial, W/T Grade, -40 - 85C) (Industrial, W/T Grade, -40 - 85C) SLC 120 Read, 93 Write IFSD_INNO_DK_22 $150.95 1 $150.95
IEI IMB-H810-i2-R11 Micro ATX Motherboard supports 22nm LGA1150 Intel Core i7/i5/i3/Pentium and Celeron CPU per Intel H81, DDR3, VGA, Dual Intel PCIe GbE, USB 2.0, PCI, COM, LPT, SATA 3Gb/s, HD Audio, iRIS-2400 and RoHS IMBA_IEIX_DI_75 $289.95 1 $289.95
Intel SSD SSDSCKKB960G801 D3-S4510 960GB M.2 80mm SATA 6Gb s 3D2 TLC Brown Box IFMS_INTE_09_13 $274.95 1 $274.95
Liteon Solid State Drive PX-1TM9PeG 1TB M9PeG M.2 2280 NVM Express 3200/2100 MB/Sec Retail IFMS_LITE_80_A1 $151.95 1 $151.95
Advantech AIMB-581QG2-LVA1E LGA1155 mATX/VGA/DVI/LVDS/PCIe/2GbE/4 COM/Q67 IMBM_ADVA_DI_74 $355.95 1 $355.95
Micron Solid State Drive MTFDDAV1T0TDL-1AW1ZABYY 1TB 1300 M.2 2280 Non-SED Bare IFMS_MICR_1T_11 $170.95 1 $170.95
Jetway HBFHP792LW-2930-G DIN RAIL Pico-ITX Fanless Barebone, Bay Trail, Celeron N2930, mSATA Only, Onboard 2GB, N-WIFI, 6 * Intel LAN, 1 * COM, 1 * USB 3.2 Gen1, 1 * USB 2.0 ISFF_JETA_21_13 $412.95 1 $412.95
Samsung SSD MZQL2960HCJR-00A07 PM9A3 960G U.2 NVMe Gen4 PCIe Bare IFMS_SAMS_2A_0J $215.95 1 $215.95
Innodisk DES8D-128J30AW1SS 128MB SATADOM D150SH-L Low-Profile (With Spacer Hole, Industrial, SLC Single Channel, Wide Temperature -40 - +85c, 21 Read / 6 Write IFSD_INNO_DD_30 $35.95 1 $35.95
IEI WAFER-PV-D4252-R11 3.5inSBC with Intel Atom D425 1.8GHz, DDR3, VGA/LVDS, dual GbE, USB 2.0 and SATA 3Gb/s, audio, RoHS IMB3_IEIX_AP_04 $345.95 1 $345.95
Samsung Solid State Drive MZ-V7E250E 970 EVO 250GB PCIe NVMe M.2 Single White box IFMS_SAMS_02_53 $101.95 1 $101.95
Subtotal: $12512.05
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