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New Qty. ITEM Atacom Part No. PRICE QTY. AMOUNT
Innodisk DESIB-02GJ30AWASSF 2GB SATADOM D150QH Pin7 VCC Supported (Industrial, W/T Grade, -40 - 85C) (Industrial, W/T Grade, -40 - 85C) SLC 34 Read, 26 Write IFSD_INNO_DJ_14 $60.95 1 $60.95
IEI SPE-4S-R10 4-Slot PICMG 1.3 PCI-Express To PCI Bridge Backplane, 2 PCI-Express X8 w/ X16 Slots, 1x PCI-Express X4, SPE Backplane IPB3_IEIX_S0_43 $99.95 1 $99.95
IEI HPE-5S1-R51 PCI/PCI Express Backplane with 4 PCI Slots RoHS IPHE_IEIX_HP_19 $89.95 1 $89.95
IEI PCI-10S-RS-R41 Backplane 10-Slot 4PCI 5ISA IPHE_IEIX_HP_11 $98.95 1 $98.95
IEI 32225-002000-100-RS ATA-66 Hard Drive Flat Cable, (40P40P40p) 2.54 Pitch Connector, L: 30+15cm (Old Model: 32200-000052-RS), PATA/IDE Cable IRCT_IEIX_32_17 $29.95 1 $29.95
Innodisk DC1M-16GJ301C1QN 16GB CF-SATA (LED, Thermal Sensor) (Industrial, Standard Grade, 0C - +70C) iSLC 120 Read, 90 Write IFCF_INNO_DC_41 $101.95 1 $101.95
Subtotal: $481.70
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