ASUS CT-479  
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Support for the Intel® Pentium® M processors in a Micro FCPGA 479 packaging technology:
Dothan 1.5GHz~2.26+ GHz
Baines 1.3GHz~1.7+ GHz
Celeron M 1.2GHz~1.7+ GHz
* Intel® Pentium® M processor Low Voltage & Ultra Low are NOT supported by this product

Front Side Bus:
533 / 400 MHz

Internal I/O Connectors:
1 x 4 pin small power connector
2 x 3 pin jumper to select FSB400/533 CPU

Before using CT-479, please update your Motherboard with the latest firmware from ASUS website. Product Test Reference link

CT-479 Installation Guide
Heatsink & Low-noise Fan
Fan Dimension: 70 x 70 x 15 (mm)
Rated Speed: 3000 R.P.M.
Voltage(V): DC 12V
Maximum Air FLOW: 32.5CFM
1 x 4-pin CPU power cable

QVL Motherboard Model Name:

ASUS P4C800-E Dlx
* More ASUS motherboard will support the CT-479

Remark * Using unqualified processors and motherboards may cause permanent damage to this product and other components
* Visit ASUS website for the most updated list of qualified motherboards and processors

CPU upgrade Kit cT-479
ASUS CT-479 CPU Adaptor Brings Quiet and Cool Performance of Notebook Processor to Desktop Computing. The CT-479 further provides FSB (front-side-bus) jumpers for performance adjustment flexibility. Depending on different applications, users can select bus frequency of 533MHz or 400MHz. Enjoying quiet and cool operation doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing computing performance.

Currently, the CT-479 supports the ASUS P4P800 SE and P4P800-VM motherboards and the Intel Pentium M processor series. More ASUS motherboards will pass the stringent compatibility test in the near future. Please go on to the ASUS company homepage for the most updated list of qualified motherboards and processors.

Quiet and cool without compromising performance
The ASUS CT-479 CPU adaptor is a newly launched solution that brings the quiet and cool performance of the Intel Pentium® M Socket 479 notebook processor onto ASUS' Socket 478 desktop motherboards.

Cost-effect solution to utilize mobile CPU on desktop
Unlike other manufacturers that incorporated the Socket 479 directly onto the motherboards, ASUS motherboards combined with the CT-479 adaptor offer greater flexibility, allowing users to support both the 478 and 479 processor platform on one single motherboard.


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